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Private Taxi

The simplest method to get around London is to use a pre-booked taxi from a company such as Addison Lee. Other services also operate, including the common 'black cab' and also Uber. Black cabs typically cost more than a pre-booked taxi or Uber.

Public Transport

London has an extensive public transport network comprised of the famous London tube and buses. Below are the accepted payment options:

  • Oyster Card - Reloadable payment card for visitors to London, let's you pay with a 'tap' on all public transport. You can buy an Oyster card at most stations using cash or card.
  • Contactless Credit/Debit card - Using a non-UK contactless debit or credit card may not work. If it does work you may incur a transaction/conversion fee by your bank. This method is not recommended.
  • Paper Travel Pass - Traditional paper ticket for up to 7 days of travel. Upfront cost. Typically more expensive than using Oyster. A travel pass can be bought at most stations using cash or card.

Please be aware that London buses do NOT accept cash - they only accept Oyster or contactless payments.

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Our best price guarantee means that if you book with us and then later find the very same service at a better price, we'll simply refund the difference. Simple.

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