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Quickly and easily earn more per-guest with Travlet

“I was previously emailing a PDF sheet to guests with all our Welcome Pack information. I now just send guests our Travlet page which we can edit when we want...
It’s extremely easy to use, we generate more revenue and guests love it.”
Stephen Husbands
Hotel General Manager
12 months free, only for early signups!​

How does it work?

Travlet gives you a simple way to share information with guests before and during their stay. Many hotels are inundated with the same questions from guests before they arrive; "how do I get to the hotel?", "is there local car parking?", "What shall we do on our stay?". You can use Travlet to have all your information in one place with a dedicated page to share with guests. Email your Travlet link to guests immediately after their booking and receive up to 60% less questions before their arrival. In addition, you will earn revenue when your guests purchase through your page; attraction tickets sales, theatre tickets, car rental, food delivery, taxis and more. Grow your revenue further by offering pre-stay and in-stay up-sells like Late Checkout, In Stay Cleaning, Luggage Storage and more. A Travlet page delivers £150 additional revenue per room per year, with potential for much more. Provide directions, make local recommendations, wifi access information, publish guest rules, up-sell services - you can do all this and more with Travlet. Sign up now to apply for your 12 month free trial now.

Attraction Tickets

Earn commission when your guests book attraction tickets

Order In

Earn commission when your guests order food using Deliveroo

Car Rental

Recommend car rental and earn commission when they book car hire


Offer up-sells to your guests, like Late Checkout, Additional Cleans, Luggage Storage and more.

It's easy and free for early sign-ups​

1) Sign up now for Travlet to get 12 months free access 2) Create your Guest Services Directory easily 3) Share your online Guest Services Directory with your guests  4) Earn revenue through commission 5) Earn revenue through upsells

“We make recommendations to guests all the time on attractions, taxi companies and car rentals. We can now get paid for these... sending to the guests before they arrive is very effective.”
Monish Jain
Director, London Guest House
“Travlet is great. Every Airbnb host wants the opportunity to give their guest a great experience. Gaining additional revenue whilst doing this is a bonus.”

George Whitelaw
Airbnb Host
12 months free, only for early signups!​