Putting the Hotel at the Centre of the Customer Journey

Drive Direct Bookings & Earn Incremental Revenue

“Travlet helps the guest pre-arrival and during their stay.
It’s extremely easy to use, the guests love it and it unlocks new revenue streams”
Stephen Husbands
Hotel General Manager

How Can Travlet Help Your Hotel?

DIRECT BOOKINGS Travellers face complex online journeys when deciding to book with your hotel. Travel activity research is intertwined with hotel research. Travlet helps to make sure that these potential customers stay on your site to make the decision to book direct.
YOUR GUESTS WANT RECOMMENDATIONS The average traveller spends 14 hours researching their trip. Make sure your hotel site is helping your guest plan a great experience.
NEW REVENUE CHANNELS The hotel earns revenue for every purchase. Travlet has an 8x ROI in addition to the other benefits.
INTEGRATION Travlet integrates seamlessly into the hotel website, PMS and email functionality.

Attraction Tickets

Earn £6-£18 per booking on attraction tickets


Earn £5-£11 per booking on theatre tickets

Airport Transfers

Compare over 200 taxi companies to get the best price and sell pre-arrival.


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Attraction ticket spend calculator

How much do guests spend on attraction tickets per room, per year in your hotel?

Select the number of rooms you have and find out:


total estimated attraction ticket spend, per year

“We make recommendations to guests all the time on attractions, taxi companies. We can now get paid for these... sending to the guests before they arrive is very effective.”
Monish Jain
Director, London Guest House
“Travlet is great. Every Airbnb host wants the opportunity to give their guest a great experience. Gaining additional revenue whilst doing this is a bonus.”

George Whitelaw
Airbnb Host